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Flyers vs Pens - Recap

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Don't ever say again that Sidney Crosby is a great player, Malkin either. I just watched those two "great" players go through the motions all day as their collective butts were kicked by a better, deeper, and faster Flyers club. Those two players mailed the game in from Pittsburgh. The team should have save expenses on hotel rooms and left them behind. Other than a few early dives by Sid, nothing at all from either. What a disgrace. Living in the DC area I watch alot of Ovechkin and he is hands down a better and more passionate player than these two combined!

The Flyers physically intimidated and dominated the Pens all day. Right now the Flyers take aggressive penalties and then dominate the play on the penalty kill. It is very draining for the team on the receiving end. Ten minutes into the game and the Pens had already looked to be mailing the rest of the game in. Funny, the last game I watched them "run up the score" on the Islanders and then quit down 1-0. Being a Flyers fan I would have been happy sitting in the crowd for this game, but also pissed that the stars were not skating hard.

The Flyers defense today with the Fins, Carle and Coburn, Alberts and Sbisa was solid. The Pittsburgh broadcast team even pointed out that the Flyers defense is so fast now, "a far cry from the Rathje-Hatcher days". This was the ultimate credit for Holmgren. None of the 6 playing today were Flyers when he took over as GM of the team!
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December 14, 2008 9:51 PM ET | Delete
Nicely Done Phigment! Nice recap and I agree about the Flyers taking the Pens out of their game early and often. The comment about the "Hatcher-Rathje days" is just plain awesome - nice to be young and mobile.
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