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Flyers vs Caps

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What a bunch of crap the call was in the Flyers vs Caps game last night. The game was 1-1 in the first period with the Flyers playing very tentative with the new coach behind the bench. Carcillo was clearly charged and dodged the hit – he retaliated with a cross-check –high stick move; which was dumb as most moves Carcillo makes during a hockey game! So as Bradley pushes back, the two both drop their gloves and Carcillo knocks Bradley out with 1 punch. Don’t believe my account described here – watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qws7Hp0WDRc .

Somehow the penalties on the play were 2 for high sticking, 2 for instigation, 5 for fighting, 10 minute misconduct, and game misconduct for Carcillo. Bradley got nothing. That’s right nothing. So this equates to a 9 minute powerplay for the Caps. That’s right, 9 minutes. I have no idea how Bradley got zero minutes. My read on the play should have been 5 each for fighting, 2 extra for Carcillo for high stick. That is a big difference and it looks like the referee watching the play in the video, saw the entire play and still blew the call. Then neither referee would even explain what they saw to the Flyers. I still agree with Timonen last year that said in an interview that the referees do not treat the Flyers with respect. http://www.philly.com/phi...lyersreport/43211377.html I believe that Timonen, who was a captain for many years in Nashville, but gets treated differently in a Philly uniform.

After the penalty was over, so was the confidence on the Flyers bench and the game was over as well. For the fans, the highlight the rest of the night occurred when the referee that made the awful call was struck with the puck in the side of his head. Great, now announcers can say that the Philly crowd cheered the referee getting hurt. Never mind the fact that this is the guy that cost them all roughly $75 per person to watch a totally uncompetitive game. Maybe that was just karma catching up with the zebra. I hope he isn’t hurt.

Now for what I saw from the Flyers is the same kind of play that they had under Stevens. The players do not support each other when they have the puck. They are playing NBA style offense. The player gets the puck around their own blue line, skates into the offense and looks for a dunk at the net or a 3 point shot from outside. No puck possession at all, because the players are a rink width away or 3 zones away from the defense looking for the home run pass. Fast teams in the NHL do not skate faster than other teams, they move the puck with a number of short passes and the puck moves faster than any player can skate. When the puck is on the right wing, the furthest away the forward should be away is the center of the rink – not on the left wing. When the defense has the puck behind our net, the forwards should not be at center ice! I read that Laviolette started working on this very topic today at practice.
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I agree nice blog
December 6, 2009 6:01 PM ET | Delete
That referee should be fined for blowing a call at that level of magnitude. This wasn't a 2 minute powerplay - this was 9 freaking minutes! Talk about handing the game to the Caps.
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Bradley clearly charged? Absolutely not. It was a clean legal check by Bradley. Which Carcillo foolishly took objection too. And the highlight for the fans was the ref getting hit with the puck. Now wonder we Flyers fans have a reputation. You can argue that Bradley should have gotten some time. But carcillo clearly deserved the instigator and the cross checking.
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4 game suspension is a bit harsh but I don't really care about Carcillo and I believe he received this penalty/suspension more based on his reputation than anything.
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Watch the video MJL - Bradley took a long run and on the shift earlier gave a slash to Carcillo. Don't get me wrong Carcillo deserved 2 plus a fight. Nothing else. If bad fighting got you out of a penalty. Cote would have 0 penalty minutes for fighting for his career!
December 6, 2009 8:22 PM ET | Delete
Bradley didn't charge anyone. It was a clean hit in which Carcillo needs to skate away, take a number, and come back later. I also agree that Bradley should have gotten 5. Carcillo still deserved the instigator and the crosscheck. It would have been a double minor. That being said, Carcillo and his lack of discipline killed any momentum the Flyers had from the Pyro goal, and basically killed them. Carcillo is 100% at fault for being a bonehead.
December 7, 2009 2:22 AM ET | Delete
Adding to the stupidity of the situation: Carcillo suspended for 4 games?! Okay, I bite that Carcillo earned all 19 penalty minutes (not saying anything about Bradley here) but at least he hit Bradley in the face. Sean Avery put Ruslan Fedotenko in a headlock and punched him four times before Fedotenko got free and took Avery to the ground. Where was the league on that one?
December 7, 2009 2:24 AM ET | Delete
I've never thought that the Flyers get treated completely differently from any other team, but I definitely think the league chooses when to intervene. If Bradley had not been hurt, Carcillo wouldn't be suspended. Notice how Todd Bertuzzi got 21 games in 2004 for hitting Steve Moore in the back of the head, but again nothing for Avery and nothing but a 2-minute minor on Ed Jovanovski for hitting Malkin in the back of the head.
December 7, 2009 3:34 AM ET | Delete
WOW! You obviously weren't watching the same video you posted if you concluded that Carcillo was treated harshly or that Bradley deserved any penalty. How could Bradley deserve a 5 minute major for fighting, without fighting? The only penalty that potentially got missed could have been an additional 2 mins to Carcillo for crosschecking Bradley before he high sticked and suckered him.
December 7, 2009 3:42 AM ET | Delete
As for Bradley's "charge" - watch again and you'll see he stopped skating and started gliding long before he hit Carcillo. And If you watch carefully you'll also see that the sucker punch was on it's way before Bradley gave any motion towards fighting - his glove came off at the same time his face got rocked. I agree with BryanM though about inconsistent suspensions. Intent/recklessness and not injury should be the biggest factor.
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If Carcillo were like most players (you know, having a tiny bit of integrity), he would have waited that extra second until Bradley was ready. It was basically a sucker punch representative of the kind of play Carcillo is known for. He's lucky to only get 4. It was a gutless move -- again typical of Carcillo.BTW, Bertuzzi's suspension lasted well over a year. He also couldn't play in Europe during the lockout. Saying it was 21 games trivializes the suspension he got -- and deserved.
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