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"Philly Flowdown"
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Losing my post v-card, here we go...

We all know Grabovski had some choice words for the Leafs organization and staff, but considering how he was used by Carlyle, can you really blame him? We all know players in his situation are thinking it, but it actually takes balls to say it! You have to commemorate him for holding it all in during the season and showing up every day to work vs. throwing in the towel and crying for a trade. By the way, did anyone who watched the BOS-TO series not see Grabo out there? He was inspired to say the least.

I've always liked Grabo (and no I'm not a Leafs or Habs fan), he's got speed and he plays with an edge. Yeah, he doesn't hit much but the guy is a hound dog out there, he can produce some offense and has shown he can put up around 25 goals and 30 assists. Yes, the guy had a bad lockout year under a new coach with reduced ice time... that's actually pretty understandable compared to some other people who had down years. With all that said, was he really worth the 5.5 mil/yr he was getting, even when he was putting up 50+ pts? Good luck finding many people who think that...

Grabo is still a good player and a pretty solid #2 center option, plus it doesn't hurt that he's essentially the best and most proven player left in UFA. So where does he fit in and for how long? You have to look to the Caps. Aside from the obvious European/Russian dynamic to the team, they just lost Ribeiro. Actually, when you think about it aren't Ribeiro and Grabo kind of similar? Both smallish, skilled forwards (albeit Ribeiro is more skilled and has put up better numbers) vs. big power centers. Grabo sure would be a nice fit in DC between Erat and Brouwer, and I don't think many Caps fans would object to that........ for the right price.

Vinny signed in Philly for 4.5 mil. Can Grabo really command that kind of money? Hell no. I see him signing for a cap hit of around 3.5-4 mil. With the Caps having 5.6 mil in cap room according to capgeek, that looks like a pretty good deal doesn't it? Add in the fact that Grabo wants top 6 minutes and the Caps have an opening in their top 6 and things align pretty well. Grabo needs the Caps and the Caps need Grabo. Look for a mid term (3-4 yr) contract with a 3.5-4 mil cap hit before summer is out!

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July 31, 2013 11:26 AM ET | Delete
I think Grabo would be an excellent fit. Caps would need to trade to move out salary though as they still have some others players unsigned. Johansson needs to be resigned and they need to add another depth forward I believe. They might be able to sqeeze it in for a 1 year deal but if they want more than 1 year in length, they will probably have to move somebody. Maybe see if someone want to take a chance on laich?
July 31, 2013 12:52 PM ET | Delete
It doesnt take balls to rip your former coach after you get bought out because you are not worth your salary. If you play like garbage you will be given the relevant icetime. Carlyle is a great coach and its not like we dont know about Grabos wingnut attitude already
July 31, 2013 1:16 PM ET | Delete
I could see Erskine and his 1.96 cap hit being dealt, maybe Perreault (he has made it known he was not happy with how he was being utilized)... Plus the Caps have some good underrated D like Hillen, Strachan, Orlov, and Oleksy.
July 31, 2013 2:17 PM ET | Delete
I think the Caps are a good fit for Grabbo also. I found Grabbo, when confident, can be a great offensive threat. He can also be creative if given the chance. Under Carlyle his sporadic style of play was frowned upon.
August 1, 2013 1:12 AM ET | Delete
Dookie! Garbo played like garbage all year and played with the same guy he played with during his most productive season ever. what you have said is invalid.
August 1, 2013 10:43 AM ET | Delete
Grabo was a beast in playoffs, check your memory bank... Also, he went from 19:21 toi/gp (3:08 on pp) to 17:36 toi/gp (2:05 on pp) to 15:34 toi/gp (1:42 on pp). Not to mention MacArthur and Kulemin only had one productive year (that was when they were getting top line minutes because the Leafs were so bad while Grabo had back to back good years). The pair of Kuley and Mac are without a doubt, 3rd liners. Do you really not think his dip in production directly relates to him receiving a major cut in ice time?
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