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"Philly Flowdown"
Canada • 22 Years Old • Male
Hey everyone,

Let me start off by saying I love having Holmgren as a GM, at least there's never a dull moment and you can't blame him for not trying! As long as we don't have to sit through 5 years of a painful, embarrassing rebuild I'm okay with it... and I do think we're closer to winning a cup with Schenn, Simmonds, Voracek, and Couturier than Carter and Richie (it was never going to happen in the City of Brotherly Love!).

LOVE the Vinny signing!! Can't say that enough. Getting a 0.84 pt/gp, big, physical centerman for 4.5 mil per is a steal. Beauty second line center because let's face it, Schenn isn't the answer. If you've watched any of Philly's games over the last 2 seasons, Schenn is better suited at LW, which he can slot into now. Plus, with Briere gone Couturier can slot into the #3 center position where he belongs instead of being stuck behind a logjam. Having Giroux, Vinny, Couturier, and Talbot down the middle sure looks good to me!

Now for the Streit signing......... Yeahhhhh how about that one eh? Great PP D-man who moves the puck well and isn't physical, oh and he's over 35... sounds a lot like Timmonen doesn't it? I think any D corps is better with Streit on it than without him but for 5.25 mil per!? Come on Holmgren, what are you doing! At that age the guy is worth 4 mil per MAX. I can only hope Timmonen doesn't feel entitled to this kind of money next year if he resigns. One of my favorite D but after making 6 mil per, he better be willing to take quite the pay cut... south of 3.5 would be ideal. The Streit signing also shows Holmgren doesn't have much faith in Gustafsson, but why? The kid's good! He reminds me a lot of a Matty Niskanen type. Unfortunately, he's listed as #7 on the depth chart after the Streit move.

Which leads me to my next point, SO much money is being spent on the D corps!! I don't understand why all these rumors are swirling around Coburn, him and Timmonen have been money for years. And why get rid of Meszaros? Yeah he's not worth the 4 mil per because he's injury prone but I'd rather have him over Grossmann anyday. I'd risk losing Meszaros to UFA next summer over keeping Grossmann for the duration of his contract, any day. He's the one that has to go. Send him and his 3.5 mil per packing! Let Gustafsson play on the bottom pair and use 2.5-3 mil of that salary to resign Gagne! Send Grossmann to Edmonton or Colorado for a 2nd and call'er a day. Hopefully with Timmonen's future pay cut we can keep Read too! Plus give B. Schenn a bridge contract of 2.5-3 mil (his current 3.1 mil per contract is heavily inflated with bonuses that he doesn't get so a 2.5-3 mil per deal would actually be a raise for him without being more of a cap hit).

Lines I'd like to see:

Hartnell - Giroux - Voracek
Schenn - Lecavalier - Read
Gagne - Couturier - Simmonds
Rinaldo - Talbot - McGinn

Gives a nice blend of grit and skill on every line and finally gives Couturier someone to play with!

Coburn - Timmonen
Meszaros - Striet
Gustafsson - Schenn

Good mix of puck movement and physicality/size.

Thanks for reading,

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