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Playing GM for a Day

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Hey everyone,

Right now, the Flyers line up something like this:

Hartnell - Giroux - Voracek
B. Schenn - Lecavalier - Simmonds
Laughton - Courturier - Read
McGinn - Talbot - Rinaldo
Rosehill - Hall

Not a bad forward group right? And the D line up like so:

Coburn - Timmonen
Meszaros - Streit
Grossmann - Schenn


When I look at this lineup, I would still like to see Simon Gagne lace them up for Philly again, but how could this work? If I was GM Holmer for a day these would be my moves...


Grossmann to Dallas for Oleksiak

Reasoning: Grossmann costs 3.5 mil and cannot play in the top 4. He is the type of D that will be replaced internally either by Oleksiak or recent draftee Morin. Coburn is much more rounded and can eat a lot of more minutes, he has to stay. Meszaros too is much more complete and for the extra 1 mil cap hit, I will keep him and hope to resign him for a bit less in the summer. If he walks? That's fine too, finally Philly will have some flexibility.

Resign: With over 2 mil in relief from dumping Grossmann, hello Simon Gagne signing in at a cool 1.5 mil.

Reasoning: I firmly believe that Couturier has massive untapped offensive potential, more so than say, Brayden Schenn. If you ever watched him play junior, you would understand. So who better than Gagne to help him tap into that? Playing with a stud of an all around vet like Gagne could ignite Courturier and his potential. Couturier gets an increased role and Laughton learns the ropes like Courturier has in the past.

So where does this leave my beloved Flyers for this season? 3 lines with a great mix of offence, size, and battle.

Hartnell - Giroux - Voracek
Schenn - Vinny - Read
Gagne - Couturier - Simmonds
Laughton - Talbot - Rinaldo
Rosehill - Hall

The D also shape up quite alright. Is it weaker without Grossmann? Not all that much worse off, Gus deserves a shot.

Coburn - Timmonen
Meszaros - Streit
Gustaffsson - Schenn
Oleksiak - Gervais

What about for next summer? FLEXIBILITY with roughly 15 mil to keep B. Schenn and Read on long term. Resign Timmonen for much less that his current 6 mil (hometown discount) and keep Gustaffsson. Depending on the money allocated to Schenn and Read, resign Meszaros at a pay cut. If it is not there, then let him walk. With young D like Schenn, Oleksiak, Gustaffsson, Bourdon, Morin, and Hagg I think we will manage.

What do you Flyers fans/haters think of my moves? What would you guys do?

As always, thanks for reading!
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