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"Go With The Flo"
Calgary, AB • Canada • 33 Years Old • Male
Linus Omark had one of the most dazzling debuts in NHL history, winning the game in front of a delirious Rexall crowd with the most perfectly executed shootout goal you'll see this side of Pavel Datsyuk.

Instant superstar? I thought so. I was ready to buy his jersey. But then, suddenly, his opportunity was ripped away from him like a Lucy-held football. He was sent down to the pigpen of the minors, where he was inconsistent. But the flashes of brilliance were undeniable.

On November 7, 2010, Omark torched Dallas Eakins' Toronto Marlies for 5 goals, and added a sixth in the shootout. Do you think the new Oilers bench boss will ever forget that? I doubt it. Do you think Eakins might have had something to do with giving the kid one more chance with the club? I don't doubt it.

The YouTube sensation known for his extreme creativity clearly has unbelievable offensive upside. I hope he gets a chance with the big club, primarily so Eakins can get his hands on him. The personal relationship-building, the extreme fitness prioritization, and preaching the dogma of aggressive backchecking are all DE specialties. They may also be exactly what Linus has been missing in his quest to be a complete NHL player. His offensive prowess is not an issue; he plays with the puck like Schroeder plays the piano.

69 points in 48 games in the Swiss league is nothing to sneeze at. A guy who can do that deserves another chance. I don't mean to be snoopy, but what about his character? Does he have a poorly crafted character like Sally? Will he have a love/hate relationship with the fans, like the report between Peppermint Patty and Marcy? Or will he be feared and respected like The Great Pumpkin?

Hopefully we will find out the answers to these questions this season. The doctor will have one more chance to be in. But if Linus Omark doesn't earn himself perpetual NHL employment after this season, he'll only be left with one thought:

I can't stand it.
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