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"Go With The Flo"
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Continuing on a theme first written about in my earlier blog Parallels, it's fascinating to see how these young Oilers bear striking similarities to other people in history. Let's examine in this quick post. If you'd like to read Parallels, comparing the 13-14 Oilers to the 83-84 Oilers, it's here: http://my.hockeybuzz.com/...17&post_id=15448

Taylor Hall -- The Cute One

Other than his scar that looks like it came from an amateur labotomy, this is one good looking man. He's also the true frontman. While Paul plays the low notes, Taylor makes plays in the low areas. He's the most charismatic and the most likely to be your favourite.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins -- The Smart One

Like John, Ryan's vision is on a transcendent level. You get the feeling he's figured out more than everyone else about his profession. And they've both been failed by weak physical bodies.

Jordan Eberle -- The Quiet One

He's rarely considered the top guy in the group, but he often takes the lead, like George and his guitar. He lets his performances do the talking. He has great hands. And he almost didn't get picked because of questions about his size.

Nail Yakupov -- The Funny One

The most animated of the four, and the one most likely to crash and bang with youthful enthusiasm, Nail and Ringo are the most unpredictable but also the most fun. I see Nail headed for even bigger things than hosting Shining Time Station.

Sam Gagner -- The Fifth Beatle

Don't worry Sam, I didn't forget about you. You're the best!

Pete Best.
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