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"Go With The Flo"
Calgary, AB • Canada • 33 Years Old • Male
Linus Omark never should have been sent down to the minors.

He never should have gotten injured while down there. He never should have been exiled for mysterious reasons. He never should have been hung out to dry like laundry flapping in the wind. He never should have scored all those points in Switzerland when he could have been scoring them for the Oilers.

MacTavish never should have been fired. Tambellini should never have been hired. Krueger should never have been hired, and thus, should never have been fired.

Omark should never have been given so few chances after such an auspicious debut. He never should have missed out on so many jersey sales.

Gretzky should never have been traded. The Rangers should never have gotten credit for the 1994 Stanley Cup when that was clearly an Edmonton Oilers team.

The greatest fans in the NHL should never have had to endure so many bad decisions. MacTavish should never have had such a huge mess to clean up. He never expected the job to be this hard, but I never expected he'd accomplish so much so fast.

Omark never should have had to sign a 2-way contract. He never should have had to play for so little money. His belonging in the NHL should never have been questioned.

It's time to set things right.
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