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For over the past few years, as my love for the game of hockey has grown, as has my knowledge of it, I have been blessed to be able to listen to a certain radio show every weekday afternoon. This show is hosted by two men who I will most likely never be privliged to meet and who I greatly admire. The show... Leafs lunch hosted by Jeff Marek and Bill Watters.

Now even though I am still relatively young and my knowledge about hockey past may be limited, I feel that I know alot about hockey and how it is run. My hockey "carrer" if you can call it that, never seemed to make it past high school hockey however I seem to have an uncomprehendable attraction to the game. I am not embarrased to call my self a leaf fan,because i certainly am one, however I am not a bias one. I do not think that withen the next three years Toronto will have traded for Thorton and Iginla because i know the facts!

Now as this is my "BLOG" I am going to write about something that has bothered me ever since the leafs have signed Pavel Kubina his whopping contract. Eery afternoon on Leafs Lunch and even on some evenings on roger's sportsnet hear Mr. Watters, who I greatly respect, complain about how bad Kubina is and how he is not living up to his contract. This is something i have a great problem with. Lets look at the stats

Last year Kubina missed a total of 21 games due to blowing out his knee in the first month of the season... Kubina's fault? absolutly not as it was a fluck play. In the last 4 years with tampa kubina missed a total of 13 games. I would consider that an iron man.

In those four years Kubina Scored an average of 9 Goals, 23 assists,32 points, and averaged a -8 rating per year, Average numbers but he was still a number 2 defense man making 2-3 million dollars a year.

In Toronto, Kubina scored 7 goals, 14 assists, and 21 points with a +7 rating. Remember, these stats are all while Kubina missed 21 games. If we average these sats out to a full year played Kubina would have scored 9 goals, 19 assists and 28 points. These stats are almost the same as his days in Tampa.

So what am I trying to prove, well indeed Pavel Kubina was the same player in toronto as he was in Tampa Bay. With Pavel Kubina you Know what you are going to get. Yet still everyone, espesially mr. Watters wants to jumpon Kubinas back and try to sink him. I say lets put our selves in Pavels position during the summer of 05' as he is a free agent.

He sitting in his european home, feilding calls from 7 or 8 different NHL teams offering him mabey 3-4 million dollars for his constistant services. who ever picks up Kubina knows what they are going to get. He has almost come to a desicion when ring ring Mr. Fergoson calls him and out of know where offeres hime a 4 year - 20 million dollar deal...5 mill a year... if you are pavel what do you say? ... Sorry JFJ i acually dont think my constistan 30 points a year and soild defending are worth that much? No you say ok where do i sign. Pavel kubina was just looking out for himself and his family.

Now I think most will agree that Kubina is overpaid, But is that His fault? No. its the person who offered the contract to him fault...JFJ... (althought I Belive JFJ has done well this off-season and doesnt deserve the rap he is recieving either)...Now saying that kubina is not playing up to what his contract is, is being completely unfair because never once has Kubina every played up to that level. it would be different if he was a Reger, Phaneuf, Pronger type guy before he came to T.O and then played how he played last year. if that was the case then People have the right to be on his case, but that simply isint the way it went down.

Kubina recieved a offer that would make him stupid to turn down and that is not his fault... so next time mr.watters when you decided to take shots a someone, in regards to the kubina siuation, mabey look a little higher in the area, at the pressbox where JFJ sits

Please respond to how you feel wheather you argree or not!!!!


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July 10, 2007 11:08 AM ET | Delete
I don't think anybody blames Kubina for the signing...most people blame JFJ. I heard that he turned down more money from St.Louis though. He probably would do better on a team where he can get more minutes, as he is a 3rd dman in Toronto.
July 10, 2007 1:40 PM ET | Delete
Hey Slampson,Kubina is alright; JFK is alright; tell Watters to SHUT HIS BLOG.JR
July 10, 2007 2:48 PM ET | Delete
I don't think he'd do any better with with an extra 5-7 minutes of ice time. He's already in the 20-23 minutes a game. Either way, it was his first season in a market like Toronto. It's a huge change from Florida to Ontario, so I'm pretty sure he'll be much better as a defense man, weather or not be puts up the extra 4 points to gain back his average. If anyone player in Toronto should be blamed for the amount of his contract, it should be McCabe -- as it was him and his agent who negotiated a contract and obviously demanded the money he evidently got. But that's for another blog ;)
July 11, 2007 11:14 AM ET | Delete
I would much rather Kubina @ 5 mil on my D than McCabe who 5.75 that counts 7 mil or whater against the cap. Kubina steped it up in the last strech of the season, while playing with a broken finger. My only complaint on Kubina is that is 1 mil overpaid. McCabe should not have gotten more than Kaberle, and I pray that he gets sick of the constant bashing he gets here and lifts his NTC.
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