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Recently I read a post on Hockey Buzz suggesting the New York Rangers require a "culture change" within that dressing room.... Is it just me or has this team witnessed more changes than any team in the league?

Firstly, the biggest change is they have moved on from John Tortorella who in my opinion ran this team right into the ground.

Secondly, they have already made large spanning roster changes... With the departure of Marian Gaborik who was a superstar in that city with a 40 goal season shows that pretty much any one can be dealt and eliminates any complacency issues. (Not to mention scratching mega free agent Brad Richards)

Beyond all of that the Rangers also reached out and overhauled their roster the previous year bringing in Rick Nash and moving a ton of roster pieces in that trade....

In my opinion their are only 3 people on this team that would constitute an actual culture change within the room.... Lundqvist, Girardi and Callahan. All 3 will not be moving, all 3 have spent their entire careers in New York and I do not see any more sweeping changes for this roster.
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