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We are approaching the draft which means many people are anticipating a bunch of trades , and major trades at that so I decided to add my two cents to the things going around.

First off - The Toronto Maple leafs should not and I highly doubt they will trade for the likes of Malkin, Gaborik or Olli. Why? They need to REBUILD! And while the argument can be made that these guys would be perfect to build around there is one problem. The leafs don't have a star that can be swapped for them to even the trade money wise in this cap space era. And for this reason it would mean the leafs would have to trade prospects and picks in high quantities to get any of these players which goes against the rebuilding plan.

Malkin - At this current time I think Malkin is untradeable. He is about to sign a massive contract which could potentially hurt the Pens filling out a solid well rounded team and having the problems the lightning did, but even still it would be hard to unload Malkin because the Pens cannot get the fair value for him that they should. My expectation is that Malkin signs a contract with the Pens in the same area as Crosby did, but without a NTC which means in a few years pending on the Pens Financial situation and also the leagues growth (Where the cap is) the Pens will have a bit of an easier time trading him potentially, because they will know where they are at.

If Malkin were to be traded I would be for a very productive and affordable veteran superstar, and probably a solid defensive defenseman to replace Orpik. The Pens are in contender mode so they are less likely to trade picks and prospects for him, they want a solid player return.

Gaborik - I hate to say it but I think Gaborik's time is up with the Wild. He is one of my favorite players however I think the Wild are going to have to start a semi-rebuilding cycle soon which could mean a few years out of the playoffs. Rolston is getting older, Demitra is probably gone soon so the Wild should really look to get some solid youth for him. I think Gaborik would be dangerous on a team like Buffalo or any team that plays with alot of speed. I'm not really a air chair GM so I am not going to toss out potential trades, although I think Gaborik could also become a mega star in San Jose.

Olli Jokinen - I am getting sick of the rumors of Olli Jokinen moving to basically half the league. They've happened the past three years consistently but I think it is time that the trigger is pulled. Why? The panthers can't make the playoffs so they should really take a step back and start retooling to see if they can create a better overall team. Personally I could see Montreal making a run at him instead of holding out for Vinny. Olli I think would be great in Montreal and I think they have much to offer.

Thats just my opinion on these guys.
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June 12, 2008 6:17 PM ET | Delete
I could see Gaborik in a Sharks jersey.Gaborik for Marleau ?
June 12, 2008 6:24 PM ET | Delete
June 12, 2008 6:25 PM ET | Delete
Does Minnesota need any defenceman? Maybe Carle or McLaren could be added
June 12, 2008 6:38 PM ET | Delete
If Gaborik ever wears a Sharks jersey... I too will wear a Gaborik sharks jersey! Make it happen Doug Wilson!
June 12, 2008 8:07 PM ET | Delete
I could see a Marleau and Cheechoo for Gaborik and something happening
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