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It was recently revealed that Columbus Blue Jacket prospect Stefan Legein has decided to resume his hockey career and attempt to make it back into his old form. It was about 3 or so months ago that the news first surfaced that feisty Blue Jacket prospect and Ice dog star had lost the passion for the game and had decided to hang up his skates. But now it appears the passion has returned to him, as he is skating with the St. Catharines Falcons to get back into shape.

Personally I think this is great news to hear for a few reasons. First he realized he does love the game and has decided to work hard to be the player he was projected to be. But more importantly it showed something about the state of youth hockey. Alot of these kids once people realize their potential are pushed so hard, and play way too much alot of the time. They are young and still developing their bodies yet they are playing hurt, sick, and exhausted. They are being pushed to become star players and that puts alot of pressure on these kids to both perform and live up to their potential. Because of this many lose the passion they had for the sport they grew up playing and that very thing they loved and cherished becomes something they hated. I think there are more players out there that would benefit from doing what Stefan Legein did. Sometimes you need to need time away to see what it is you truly want, and I am glad to see the Stefan realized he still loves hockey.
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Don't forget high school and College. I honestly don't know how that do it.
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