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The 2013-14 NHL season has errupted in fighting and banging on the glass fashion. Little did anyone know that it would start off this way....oh I'm sorry I was trying not to laugh at that. When you take a temper prone hall of fame goal tender and put him behind the bench of a team that typically plays an "in your face" type game, and another coach who lost his coaching job from a very good team (not to mention his height and lack of hair on his noggin) you will probably end up with a very mad couple of old dudes arguing between a pane of glass. You guessed it folks, Patrick Roy is back to his old antics in his FIRST game as a head coach. It was apparent that he was frustrated with an act one of Bruce Boudreaus Anaheim Ducks made against one of his own enforcers in Cody Mcleod. Which of course with seconds ticking off in the final period, turned in to a full team scuffle. Then ended in Roy yelling at coach Boudreau from his side of the bench and proceeding to knock over the pane of glass separating the two. Not that the pane would make Boudreau any smaller, but that probably wasn't Roy's intention in the first place. From this act we can probably only determine that Roy will get fined for his childish behavior and maybe see a one game suspension. I doubt the suspension will happen but you can never tells with the NHL these days. The other bang was George Parros's head on the ice. Parros and other heavyweight contender of the NHLBA (National Hockey League Boxing Association) Colton Orr got in to two bouts within the seasons opening game. By accident (maybe) Orr seemed to trip Parros awkwardly resulting in a head on ice collision. In turn, this caused Parros to leave the ice in a stretcher with what seems to be a confusion. Terrible news for Habs fans....I have to stop humoring myself and the people that know I'm joking! Three other bouts happened to occur in the same contest as well including Mark Fraser vs. Travis Moen, Carter Ashton vs. Jared Tinordi and once again Mark Fraser vs. Brandon Prust. Let's talk about good things that happened in the first two days of the NHL season! Mikael Samuelsen defied physics with his crazy deflection of Cory Emmertons right circle shot. Colorado first round pick Nathan Mackinnon scored his first two NHL points as well as Buffalo rookie Zemgus Girgensons scoring his first career goal in his first game. Not too shabby for the 2012 14th overall pick by the Sabres. Zemgus is going to be a mighty tough kid in his NHL career barring injury and I think he will most certainly make an impact with this newly structured Sabres team...Also, the Leafs are 2-0! Holy hole in a doughnut batman! I'm going to say right now that if the Leafs continue the way they played in their first two games and get consistently strong goaltending from J Bernier and J Reimer, they will make some crazy noise this season. Kessel just needs to stay focused on his task at hand rather than his golf swing and his new 8 year contact extension. What else can we say...oh yes, what about Mikail Grabovski who was left in the dust by Toronto and practically every other team in the NHL until the last minute when Washington decided to take a chance on him. They certainly cashed in with a large sack of hats...Well that does it for today. Make sure you catch the Devils opening season game against the Pens tonight! I know I will be. Analysis of that and other NHL games tomorrow!
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