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"A New Voice"
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A New Voice

Posted 10:08 AM ET | Comments 0
So as I sit here at my desk in Toronto, reading all the blogs in the Hockeybuzz society, I find myself without a voice. I think it's time I started giving feedback to the community I hear but not being heard. Perhaps it's my faint desire to be heard from the actual decision makers in the NHL. Or maybe it's creating a 'spark', an idea, or even topic of conversation for the many readers across NHL nation.

I am a Leafs fan. Like it or not. I personally hate it, but as I carry the cross with 10 million other Leaf fans, I cannot rely on the current GM to bear any of the weight. Especially after the Kessel trade fiasco of 2009. Perhaps Leaf Nation should have veto power over any moves the GM should have. Ahhhh - that's an idea. Not only do the Teacher's Pension Fund need to approve any deals, but how about Leaf Nation? say 70%? What an idea to gain credibility and fan approval.
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