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The Opportunity Wiz

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If you blindly walked into a room of NHL GMs and said "who wants a D-man that can bring you 50 points of offense?", every single one would probably raise their hand. Now, factor in the possibility of a small contract being attached to this player and you have a dream made in heaven... right?...Well, maybe not. Former Hurricane James Wisniewski is still a free agent looking for an opportunity. Excluding PTO recipient Cody Franson, the "headliners" of the free agent D-men are Fedor Tyutin and Roman Polak... so why not consider a guy with so much upside?...Sure, age and injury history are two large contributing factors. Wiz is now two years removed from knee surgery and is going into his age 33-34 season. However, why give a contract to another old guy who probably won't provide as much upside offensively? Teams are craving for a scoring blue-liner and Wiz can be just that for the right team at the right price…What does Wiz bring? Well first and foremost, offense. In a league driven by scoring why wouldn't you want an inexpensive D-man with high scoring ability? He has shown his worth on offense and looked healthy with AHL Chicago at the end of last season. Here's what he brought to the table with the Wolves: 21 games, 11 points. He was a +10 and showed the type of scrappy toughness you want on your team. He stood up for his teammates, showed the young guys how to be a professional and worked his tail off for the TEAM. All of those characteristics are things I would want on my team. In other words, someone should give Wisniewski a chance. He still has the skills and leadership traits to be an effective player. Even in a depth role, he would still provide qualities that are desired in a veteran. He may have history against him a bit, but just give the man a chance, he may really surprise you.rnrn
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If the Habs didn't already have a ton of 5-6 guys on the team I wouldn't mind seeing him there. I think he will find a team after camp or when an injury occurs.
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