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Show me the money

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The movie Jerry Maguire started this phrase, and it even won an Oscar for Cuba Gooding Jr., but should it apply to someone trying to sell a hockey team or better a bankrupt team? Sure there have been some offers made to buy the team, but none that come close to the Balsillie offer. This decision shouldn't come down to just money, but because it is in the courtroom, it probably will.

The NHL has guidelines about franchise ownership, location and relocation. Balsillie had failed twice before in Pittsburgh and Nashville and the NHL will attempt to make him fail a third time and I don't have any problem with it what so ever. I am not opposed to having another team in Canada, but it wouldn't make a difference if it never came either. There is a better way to go about it than through the US bankruptcy courts.

I took the time to read most of the documents that were located in Paul McCann's blog regarding Balsillie's previous attempts to lure a team into Canada. I was blown away. This man just doesn't want to play by the rules. If the media in Canada publicly displayed his underhanded means of trying to move to other franchises to Hamilton chances are his semi-hero status would be a little tarnished.

Jerry Moyes only wants what is best for him, not a league that basically forced him to take control of a struggling team. The question should be asked to Balsillie is would his offer be the same if the relocation clause was not in the offer? I highly doubt it. Is Riensdorf's offer better? Probably not, but he does have some credibility owning some successful pro sports franchises, that is why the league would prefer him.

My final thought about this whole situation is in regards to Balsillie's dire need to own an NHL team. There was another team for sale during the same time period. One with history, guaranteed return on investment and Stable fan base... The Montreal Canadiens. If he wanted he could have easily put in a bid for a premier team, but I guess it would be hard to move that team to Hamilton... the next hockey mecca.
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