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The first Western Conference series will be between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Nashville Predators. The Predators will have home ice in the series but looked shaky towards the end of the season. The Blackhawks will get a boost to their ever strong offense with Patrick Kane (64P, 61GP) back from injury. Both teams ended the season with only four wins in their last ten games with the Predators having a slightly better record with two overtime losses. The Predators however, have lost six straight. Last time that happened was last season with the St. Louis Blues and they got beaten in six games by guess who? The Chicago Blackhawks.
This series will be a tough for the Predators due to their lack of offense from their forwards besides rookie Filip Forsberg (63P, 82GP) and C Mike Ribeiro (62P, 82GP). They also will struggle to prevent too many shots on Pekka Rinne due to the Blackhawks top offense. Game one will go to the Predators due to some great goaltending from Rinne despite him facing a lot of shots. Game 2 won’t be Rinne’s night with the pressure from the Blackhawks offense being too much leading to a route. Game 3 will be a lot closer due to better play from the Predators front line forwards and defenseman. The Blackhawks will still win a very close game. The Predators will win game 4 thanks to some incredible goaltending from Rinne yet again getting a shutout. Game 5 and 6 will go into overtime with the Blackhawks prevailing both times. Game 5 will be a close game due to goaltending and game 6 will see many lights lit up during the game.
Series: 4-2
Game 1: 2-1 Predators
Game 2: 5-1 Blackhawks
Game 3: 4-3 Blackhawks
Game 4: 2-0 Predators
Game 5: 2-1 Blackhawks
Game 6: 5-4 Blackhawks
All stats from NHL.com
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