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Welcome fellow hockey/bruins fans. Here I will be posting my thoughts and wishes for the Bruins organization, the NHL and my thoughts on Fantasy Hockey.

I will try to update this a few times a week.

First thought, THE PLAYOFFS start tonight!

Series I am looking forward to most is San Jose vs. Nashville. This could turn out to one great series. I still think the Preds can win it all as others have fallen off that bandwagon.

Although I have to admit the best match up for the cup finals would be:

Buffalo vs Anaheim.

Skating, Scoring and Fighting!
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Hey,There is a great site that offers all the info a Bruins fan would ever want. 15 dedicated columnists blogging daily, updated news and stats, a chatroom during games, a fight log to vote on each Bs fight and weekly power rankings.Check it out at www.mybostonbruins.com and let me know if there is anything we can do to get more fans to this site. Everyone is a volunteer and we all do it for the love of hockey and the Bruins.Please let me know if you are interested in bloggin for the site! We'd love to have you
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