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<a href="http://imgur.com/ZNyHmbm"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/ZNyHmbml.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>rnrn<p>Minors, majors, up and downs, career 4th liner to top line on one of the best teams in the Eastern Conferece - what has Dale Weise done to get there and stay there?</p>rnrn<p>Brought over in a trade from Vancouver for Raphael Diaz, Weise had been a grinder, sticking his chin into situations attempting to change momentum for his team. Drafted 111th overall in '08 by the Rangers - he played 10 games for them with 19 PIM's. He arrived in Montreal towering over his teammates, Gionta, Briere, Desharnais, Gallagher, and Gorges, at a stunning 6ft. The habs needed grit and determination. They needed that grinder. What they got, was a player with determination and heart. </p>rnrn<p> He started with guys like Prust. He wasn't a fighter but they needed depth there beyond Parros (maybe some sense of hands not destined for a face). rnIn the second playoffs of his career (he played 4 games with VAN) he exploded with 7 points in 16 games. He was praised, fans loved him, he made a monster difference. </p>rnrn<p>Since then, he's been criticized for playing a part of the top line, his hands aren't "top line", his speed isn't there, he's not a natural goal scorer, he's nothing of what we expect and want but we'll take it. <br> He's worked hard to earn his spot and his on ice intelligence find him in front of the net, at the right time, working like a garbage man and burying the black rubber. He says he's worked well with Pacioretty. Pacioretty has been soft in the corners, Weise drives hard everytime. Pacioretty can rely on a wicked wrister. Weise needs to stand his ground and outplay everyone around him. THey made changes to the top line but it seems inevitable that Therrien will partner Pacioretty with Weise again and again - there has to be something there. </p>rnrn<p> Getting top line talent is not easy - no one gives up their goods that easily. The habs don't have anyone to fill that role and there is a need. Weise has been defensively smart vs. Sekac and healthy vs. Parenteau and it works so why not? rnrnKen Holland worked with Chris Osgoode for a long time because legendary goalies aren't easy to find. He didn't make any moves until Hasek came along and by that time, he was ready to jump. Bergevin may be doing the same. THere are young prospects getting some ice time (De La Rose, Thomas, Bournival) that have yet to prove themselves trustworthy. rnrnHe's 6th on the team in goals (9), 2nd in plus-minus and knows when to shoot (13.2%). He's not perfect but he's filling a role, and a very big one, until a top scoring right winger with size lands in our lap (Helllooooooo Jaaaagggr).</p>[url]
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