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Sid the Kid

Posted 11:15 PM ET | Comments 0
Say what you want about how he whines. Try to tell me he dives. Make me believe he yaps and complains too much. Okay, these things happen at times. But he's a 20 year old kid. He'll grow up.

But an amazing thing happened this month. It has flown under the radar. Mainly because the Pens did such a great job keeping it a secret. Sidney Crosby played for ONE MONTH with a broken foot. When asked about it the most he would say is that at first it was "a little sore." He also said it did not hamper him in the playoffs. In other words, no excuses. Just class and heart all the way. This is what leaders do. This is what champions do. Say what you want about Sid the Kid. I am no Pens fan. But I have one word for Sidney Crosby, and it ain't whiner or diver. It's WARRIOR. Because he showed us the essence of what he is about. His team may have lost this year's battle, but he is going to be on the winning end of many championship wars. Not just because of his talent. But because of his heart.
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