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vancouver • 2011 Years Old • Male
I would like to on a weekly basis share some of my thoughts about that weekend that was, the week to come, and any other quirkly news hitting the airwaves.

I would like to offer first a prediction of the teams that I think will make it to the second season
1) Ny rangers good additions, not great. should have spent money on D. Should have gone after hannan, or waited till this years head and shoulders better class

2) Ottawa Should coast to the division title. Buffalo only threat, but ottawa has enough horses to comfortably win division

3) Carolina Was 05-06 the fluke or 06-07. Betting that after a fresher off season, they will be back to win the division

4 Pittsburgh. Team coming along very nicely. I think next year is when the make the big leap into first and possibly contend for the cup. need one more year

5) Buffalo enough horses to make playoffs. Still have enough depth on forward to be competitive especially if vanek lives up to contract. IMO Vanek more talent then drury or briere

6) Philadelphia rebuilt nicely to contend for a spot

7) atlanta strong horses upfront if ever they could get motivated to play team D

8) Florida. Laugh all you want, but with the addition of Vokoun and boumeister and horton ready to have break out seasons they will be the surprise of the east.


1) Detroit Talented and have the easiest division to play in will give them easier points to win the conference

2) San Jose neck in neck with anaheim all year. Although they didn't add much in the off season, I think anaheim flutters down the stretch due to long season last year, extra travel to europe.

3) Calgary Great team on paper. If things go right could lift the cup, or could miss the playoff entirely if they tune out keenan sooner then later

4) Anaheim favorite to repeat but will be exhausted in latter half of season.

5) Colorado Great pickups, should challenge calgary but calgary much superior Defense and goaltending

6) Minnesota all depends on gaborik. if healthy they wil win enough games to make a sustained run through the season

7) St louis Played great at the end of the season. enough experience and youth to challenge. Goaltending the only issue

8) Vancouver Luongo must stand on his head again for them to challenge. offensively challenged, need more outside the sedins.

I was born in Canada but work in the states now. Relocated with my company to austin, tx. Like it here but really miss Canada. Moving to Calgary where my wife's family is from in six to seven months. Just absolutely love it up there. I lived in san jose, denver and boston. I loved san jose and denver. didn't stay long enough in boston to get a feel for it, although I know they love there sox. Was shocked to see denver become such a big hockey town. Sakic was the favorite athlete in a colorado poll by a landslide. That is amazing here in bronco country.

what a game yesterday between the padres and rockies. I love playoffs in any sport. We puckheads know that nothing beats nhl hockey playoffs, but even baseball which I can't stand in the regular season does something to me in the playoffs where I end up watching.
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