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8 years @ 10.5 AAV.

This makes me feel squirmy on the inside. Sort of like how you feel before taking a nasty tasting medicine. You wrinkle your nose because it smells weird and tastes gross, but you do it because you know you'll end up feeling worse without it.

Bergevin drank the medicine. He was in no position to allow Price to walk for nothing. Nor do I think he wanted a season of distractions where every misplayed game was a Price trade rumour.

He decided that he needed to sign him no matter what the cost.

Like with medicine he knew he was going to have to force something down.

And I bet it tasted gross.

That's because the term is gross; and the cap hit is grosser yet. Its the type of contract that is awarded to star forwards usually.

Price while a star is not a forward.

I love him as a goalie but it's steep. I could have slept better with 6 years @ 10.5 or [email protected] 8 years if it had to be full term.

But I get why Bergevin did it.

He knew he had to sign him now before the season began and probably knew there was only so much hardball he could play with Price. In the end the bargaining route would at best have yielded minimum gain.

At the worst it would have soured relations forcing Bergevin to move on his offer, or move Price. The time constraint to deal him would have been taken advantage of by opposing GM's surely. He would have gotten a lesser return and would have been viewed as the Réjean Houle of this era.

So I get it, but I still don't really like it.
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