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Wheatfield, NY • United States • 36 Years Old • Male
Well another disappointing result for the Sharks. When will I be able to get on board with this team and really consider them a contender? This coming from a Habs fan with obviously no vested interest in this years Stanley Cup Playoffs, for obvious reasons. The Sharks seemingly had the goods to make an extended run, solid defense, good goaltending, #2 PP unit and a number of scoring forwards (special teams and 5-on-5). Their round 2 loss to Detroit might be due more to the style of game Detroit played, keeping them isolated to low-percentage shots and resembling a trapping team at times, but as has been the case in past years, the relatively high-powered offense of the Sharks let them down again. Nabby was good (with some exceptions), but his supporting cast was average at best versus Detroit. There's always next year.....an all too familiar statement in San Jose
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