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"I want you to get familiar with Market Street just on the other side of (Scottrade Center). Because you'll need to know where to bring the Stanley Cup when we win it."
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For the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying the spectacle known as the NHL playoffs. As a Blues fan and only 24 years old, last year was the first time I have ever watched the post season without my team. The second time around has been a little easier since I know bright things are on the horizon. While our ownership has the people of St. Louis happy, the same can not be said about our old Norris Division rivals the Chicago Blackhawks. I fell in love with hockey during the height of this great rivalry. As a kid I remember getting the priveledge of attending 1 game at the St. Louis Arena vs the Blackhawks. The game was more physical than anything I had ever seen. Even fans in the stands were throwing punches at guys wearing the opposing jersey. Time has passed and in my opinion, the worst owner in pro sports, Bill Wirtz has driven the once proud franchise into the ground. Their home games are not broadcast on television and they have had a lackluster performance season after season, alienating a decades worth of potential young Blackhawk fans. While Toews should be joining the team next year, and they have wont the first overall draft pick(Kane?), you can only hope there a new guard coming to the windy city. As a Blues fan I will always hate the Blackhawks, but right now...I miss them.
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April 20, 2007 5:58 PM ET | Delete
good post. the blues will be a good team and will be among the elite again in the west very very soon. That sucks because they may take the place of my team the flames. anyways enjoy johnson, i think he's gonna be a future norris winner after seeing him at the juniors. I feel bad for you guys though as you had many great teams in the late ninties and couldn't get over the hump. I also agree with your assesment of the blackhawks. What a sad state the owner has turned an original six team into. anyways lets hope for a repeat of the 86 conference finals next year. blues vs flames, flames in six
April 21, 2007 2:03 AM ET | Delete
chicago has some good young players (Toews, Barker, whoever they pick first this year), and even Ruutu the enigma, and Havlat if he's healthy. They could use a goaltending prospect for Khabibulin to mentor, and this is where St. Louis has an edge (Jason Bacashihua, Marek Schwarz, Ben Bishop). Also, Wirtz sucks ass. As for that Blues and Flames series...wait another three years.
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