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So I'm putting on my thinking fans hat here....

But it looks like the B's still need some work to define a better team going into next season. I'm going to breakdown several reasons why and some scenario's I think could help the cause.

1. Defence is still a mess: Given that they signed Irwin I'm hopeing this doesn't close the door on getting some talent like Cody Franson. Franson would help fill the void left by Dougie if we can get him at decent term and price. he's been slammed on blogs for not being a decent defensman but considering he played for a sub par leafs team and was the odd man out as a RH shot on Nashville I think he should be picked up. we currently have too many bottom pairing guys or rookies. K Miller, C Miller, Z Trotman all have potential to fill in some gaps but not all immediatley. Mcquaid is over paid for a 6/7 defenseman who is often injured and shouldn't be relied on for the bulk of the season (this signing is still sort of baffling). Krug is 4/5 and has lots of upside but doesn't have the body size to shut anyone down. Rumours are saying he coulds till be being shopped around but I hope that's not true. Seidenberg on the other hand is on a steep decline and should be moved at some point for some cap space and a roster spot but is still needed if he can find his old form and be a decent shut down guy. it seems like K Miller or Joe Morrow could be moved as an asset piece in a trade to allow trotman, or Colin Miller some more ice time. this is sort of how the pairings could look come game day.

Chara- Trotman or ?
Seidenberg- Krug
Irwin- Mcquaid (too slow of a combo)
Extras: C Miller, Morrow
as you can see not a very commanding back end. Now inject Franson in and you get:

Chara Franson
Seidenberg Krug
Trotman Mcquaid
extras: Irwin, Morrow (C Miller satys for a year in Providence before moving up to the big club)

That looks better as trotman can gain exposure but not be in the direct line of fire against teams top offensive tandems. and Irwin and Morrow can be interjected based on injury or someone being a healthy scratch.

now for the offence: Some good moves so far from DS in getting rid of savards contract and reily smith who is good but never seemed comforable and ended up being more of a liability than anything. The Rinaldo trade has me and many others with a raised eyebrow. a 3rd roudn pick for a guy who's going to be a scratch all year doesn't make much sense. I've heard that at the end of last year talbot wanted to his game elsewhere which is unfortunate as he can add some leadership and grit to that fourth line. now CK needs to go somewhere and fast! 3M for a fourth line center is absurd (we can thank PC for that). he's got some good qualities but the price is too steep and he doesn't produce. given that Brian Ferlin, Seth Griffith and Alexander Khokhlachev all need a good look this year to really asses what we have I think a couple of them should he been penciled in for the 4th line. Also we had the signing of Joonas Kemppainen and something tells me he's going to get some looks on the big club this year. so all this seems to spell that Rinaldo is a waste of space, Kelly is on his way out for yougner cheaper options. Next is what to do with Lou?? He's been good let's make no mistake about that however he hasn't produced as much as anticipated and plays on more of the "softer" side of things. he's going into his last year of his contract at 4.25M and he'll likely want a raise and term in the offseason, so this is tricky given that he could put up better numbers in the show and prove situation or do the bruins deal him to try and get some cap space and develop or trade for another winger? anyones thoughts? I'd like to see him traded if we can get some picks and then use the roster/cap space to sign or trade for a good scoring winger. the bruins desperatley need a guy who can consitently score 30 goals. as things look
line 1 : Belesky Krecji Hayes ( recreation of Horton Krecji Lucic)
line 2 : Marchand Bergeron Conolly
line 3 : Erickson Spooner Pasta
Line 4 :Rinaldo Kelly Talbot

Extras : Griffith, Ferlin, Khoko, kemppainen
erickson or pasta could certainly be moved up to the top line if one of the other two aren't as productive. the young guys are mainly in the last year of their contract and would need some looks to assess what the organization has moving forward.

some trade partners for the B's could be ARZ, New Jersey, Carolina, Nashville or Buffalo these teams have cap space and need some depth. obviously not looking for bodies in return just cap relief and make some picks or prospects.

Does anyone think the signing of Semin on a year deal would help the bruins scoring? I hope Sweeney thinks long and hard about Semin. but he should #signfranson already and let us couch GM's breathe a sigh of relief.....
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July 13, 2015 3:10 PM ET | Delete
No way in hell do I want Semin on this team.
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