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Rangers, Sather and trades

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What is wrong with Glen Sather? Many Trades occuring on draft day and all around now. Good trades or bad trades? Sather, in my opinion made a huge mistake. All Rangers fans knew that time was short before Cam Talbot was going to be traded. I feel that Sather made the mistake of not picking up Jimmy Hayes from Florida for Talbot. Why would you not want Jimmy Hayes? Jimmy, Kevin Hayes' older brother, is a young player in the league and he has proven that he has the skills that he could recieve a nice contract with any team. He might not be a big name player but that is not necessarily what the Rangers need. If we had aquired Jimmy Hayes, could the Hayes brothers be the next Sedins after time and developement? But that is now in the past. Picks for Talbot was not the worst move. Being able to have all the picks that we recieved is great for our system. They might not be first rounders but that's ok. Sather's questionable trade was the Hagelin deal. Yes he needed to be resigned and probably would not have been cheap with all the others to be resigned(Stephan, Miller, Fast, ect.). But was he worth giving up? Etem is a strong player with a lot of potential. I feel that he will be very good in the scoring department but we do lose that speed that Hagelin was famous for. Etem being young is not a bad thing though. The developement of Etem with AV will improve his game and make him a very productive player with the Rangers. Will Fast and Miller be able to fulfill Hagelin's role on the team. I say they are hard "skates" to fill but i feel that Fast and Miller will definitely be strong enough to do the job. Etem will also be a big help. Again, it is a difficult spot to replace Carl Hagelin as this trade upsets me. The Rangers will be able to develope and move forward this offseason. Other Questions to think about... 1. Will Nash be dealt in the offseason? If so to whom? and who will we recieve in return? If not, will we eventually have to buy him out of his contract? 2. Tanner Glass. Not a bad playoff run for him as he surprised me. Is he worth keeping another year? Will he possibly be someone to trade eating up 1.45 of the Ranger's cap? Who could we get for him if he is a trade possibility? Thanks for reading my first post! I hope its not too bad. Comments appreciated. Even criticism.
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