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Oilers dissapoint at home!

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What the heck happened in Edmonton tonight?
Chicago Blackhawks put together another display of hockey as it was meant to be played. The Oilers put together another display of how not to play the game of hockey. Let's look at the two teams. Chicago, crisp clean short and fast passing, excellent transition game, lots of desire and willingness to go into the dirty areas to get the puck, came out of their own end almost effortlessly. Knew the Deslauriers was weak up high and scored more than once there. It seemed as if the Oilers were playing short handed most of the night. Goaltending was okay but was not really required to be great most of the night.
Edmonton, lousy passing, bad transition game most of the night. Bad defence, too many give away's in their own end. Lousy goaltending and too many forwards missing for most of the night. It looked to me as if Chicago eased up during the third period or the score may have been worse.
As I said in an earlier posting, this is a one line team. Tonight the whole team looked terrible against a really good team. I read some where that Sam Gagner should get around $3 million a year or more when his contract is ready to be re-done, he isn't worth what he is making now, and he isn't the only one. You can say what you want about Cogs, but at least he is putting forth and effort.
So what do they do now? Well regroup, say all the correct things to the media about trying harder and playing a better game and then practice and practice some more. Then go out and see if they can play a better game the next time. Nothing else to be done for now.
Keep the hopes up and keep on supporting the team Oiler fans, sooner or later they may start to play hockey again. I know I will!
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