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Edmonton, AB • Canada •
Well Oiler fans wasn't that a stinker of a game. Way to go Oilers! That's really showing the pride you have for the logo on your sweater and the city you call home during the season. I hope you are all holding your heads up with pride, after all you must be proud as you keep on cashing in those pay cheques. Now if there was any thing positive to take away from the game I'm not aware of it. So maybe some one else can put a positive spin on the game. When the Oilers were a team on the cusp of possibly moving and could not afford to pay the price for the upper echelon players they at least played with determination and effort. They showed some pride in the logo they wore and the city they were playing in. The put forth a good effort game in and game out. They played with heart and never quit trying. The team we have here now play for a pay cheque and nothing else. Any one who thinks differently is only fooling themselves. Yeah I know, we shouldn't whine and complain, support the team through the good times and the bad times. Unfortunately there have not been any good times lately which makes it hard to keep on supporting them. I still breath and bleed copper and blue, but I am one peed off supporter. There just doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. On a brighter note. Merry Christmas to one and all and hope we see a better team come the new year.
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