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"What are playoffs?"
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As we discuss trade deadline targets in Edmonton, for the first time in what seems like 500 years, lets take a look at the silky mullet himself, Jaromir Jagr. Now the only reason I bring the name up, is because this type of transaction has Chiarelli's name written all over it. Deja vu much? Remeber that Chia dealt for the Czech ageless wonder in 2013, while he was GM of the Bruins. Does a trade for Jagr make sense for the Oil? Lets look at a couple factors.

First and foremost, Jagr fills a pretty glaring need for the Oilers. Strong, big RW, who has tremendous puck protection skills. In fact, acquiring Jagr could make it possible to move Draisitel back to his natural center position, even if it were just for specific opponents, or difficult match ups. Probably more realistically though at this point in his career, Jagr is by far a stronger 2nd, or even 3rd line option, creating a line with dynamic cycling prowess. Imagine a Lucic-third line center-Jagr, or a Pouliot-Nuge-Jagr combination. No doubt he would help those lines wreak havoc on any squad below the goal line.
Is he still effective if he is deployed in that position?

Well using standard boxcars (his CF% isn't half bad either), we see that Jaromir is still an effective NHLer.
50 9 20 29 4 36 5 9 0 0 1

We can see some of his true value is still on the PP. His nine PPP would rank 4th on the Oil, and could provide an elite RW PP presence on the second unit. He also could provide depth scoring, and as mentioned earlier, give the Oilers options on the right side come playoff time. No doubt his experience could benefit young Connor in his first go at the NHL playoffs.

So what would the acquisition cost be? To be honest, I don't see someone like Jagr shaking loose out of Florida. Other then being a leading expert on hair care products, Jagr's great value is in his ability to mentor, and provide an excellent example of work ethic to young players. Although Edmonton would kill to have both Lucic and Jagr providing that experience, I believe Florida is in a similar growth stage and wouldn't want to deal him.

For kicks though, what might he cost? In 2013, Jagr was dealt for 2 middling prospects and a conditional 2nd. Would you trade a 4th in 2018, and 3rd round pick this year for Jagr?
It seems Jagr wants to keep playing until either they successfully clone him, or Armageddon takes place, so who knows if he would want to re-sign after this season. What we do know, is that Jagr has always wanted to play for a Canadian team, and has yet to do so over his storied career. Maybe an Edmonton fit makes sense.
He isn't the perfect piece (he is a left shot), but there is no doubt he has value.

What say you? Would you want Jagr? What would you give up for him? We will look at more targets for Chia pet in the coming days.
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