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Alex Biega will get an early opportunity for some NHL action. The Wings traded for him today (10/7) and have already called him up. The blue line is down 2 with Daly and Ericsson both out. Oliwer Kaski was also brought up. This still leaves me wondering what is going on with Bowey, but part of the call up is probably to have an extra Dman available. Of interest, both of these defensemen are right shots. Bowey is as well. Currently, Dekeyser, Nemeth, Cholowski, Hronek and Green are still playing. It will be interesting to see who gets slotted where. It feels like it’s been some time since we’ve had 3 left/right pairs on the blue line. With the call up we still have 8 healthy defensemen. Still feels like a trade may be on the horizon.

Svechnikov and Kuffner are also being brought up. That, to me, is interesting as well. I assumed Rasmussen would be first up, especially with Nielsen being injured. But, it looks like Blashill and Yzerman want to see if we can infuse some more scoring. Svechnikov may get the opportunity early on to see if he’s grown into that role. Kuffner had a rough NHL go last year, but is looked at as a scoring threat from his collegiate days.

However things fall, it would be nice to see another line contribute. Athanasiou is dealing with something that seems to be taking longer than thought. Or, he is being kept healthy off the ice, along with Bowey. It is interesting to speculate, but ultimate useless. I expect the team to make a go with what they have. Pujuljarvi and Ho-sang are interesting trade candidates, but neither of them would be worth moving Athanasiou for.
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