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Howdy from Ottawa. Well I was right, a 2-game win streak. Sens fans no matter how bad it gets this year, it can't get as bad as ATL.

Outshot 31-30 and outplayed in the 2nd, yet for a team with the road wounds that Ottawa has any points on the road will do. A solid 3rd period locked down the win, two nights in a row where the team played a complete game defensively.

Elliot was again solid, though as mentioned on the TSN feed he struggles with rebounds. I thought we were in for a long night early in the game, but Elliot showed poise.

My boy Brian Lee lead the team in ice time by a min over Kuba. About time Hartsburg and Co. realize Lee can be this team's best defensemen. Picard played a solid 20 mins and Jason Smith had 15 and a plus 1. The 15 min mark is all he can handle I believe and he didnt look bad tonight. If we can't win 30 of 40 to get in the post-season as TSN says, then Smith should be dealt at the deadline for a draft pick.

McAmmond breaks his 40+ game goal draught with two breakaway goals in back-to-back nights. As McGuire pointed out, Ruutu sent Dean away with a niffty pass after he blocked a point shot.

Keith Jones is a bum analyst. His comments on Mike Fisher's play this season show 100% he came to the studio this evening with not a clue what to say. Looked at some stats and stated that Fisher needs to do more on offense and needs to bring it more physically. Huh? He leads the team in hits and 2nd in blocked shots for forwards. Yes Fisher needs to score more, but what does Jones thing he is a 25 goal man? Just the usual dumb commentary a majority of former players give. Your flight to Versus studio's is departing in an hour and you don't get return fare.

The Big 3 were good in reduced mins by Hartsburg. I disagree 100% in cutting ice time from these guys, but I can't argue with 2 wins. 2 PP goals is nice, but man how sloppy was ATL in the 1st. So lucky to be tied. Oh and Spezza can't win a draw for his life, glad to see Vermette out in late game situations and not Spez or 'Fish as Vermette dominated the circle late.

Todd White played another good game in baby blue/dark blue sleeved/orange, white, yellow and red...whatever that jersey is. It's a shame we didn't keep him, could have provided much secondary scoring.

All for now, can the Sens make it 3 straight vs Montreal?

Colin Jeffrey - [email][email protected][/email]

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January 15, 2009 9:34 AM ET | Delete
Is it just me or was it tiring to hear McQuire talk about Elliots rebounds. Once okay, maybe a second time but in the third period it's all he talked about, get over it man.You critize Jones, I think it's all of the TSN staff. I really doubt anyone watches Ottawa play (except when they are the game of the night). I think McKensie and McQuire maybe watch the highlights a little more so that they know a bit what to say on their radio appearances but I don't really pay much attention to what TSN people think of the Sens.
January 15, 2009 1:05 PM ET | Delete
Hey Sens2006, I can't say that I don't pay attention to the national media's portraly of our Sens...usually it would be interesting to hear from respected hockey people and 'insiders' about our club. But then you listen to TSN bable for a bit and realize you're better off on this site or the Team 1200 for Sens talk that makes sense. However, writing what TSN has to say makes for a good read. lol
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