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Let the Season Begin!

Posted 2:59 PM ET | Comments 1
The 2008-2009 regular season officially began for Red Wings and their fans last night with the 6-0 win over the Sharks.

Awarding the Stanley Cup championship rings this week was absolutely the last celebration of the 2007-2008 season in Hockeytown. It is now back to nothing but business.

Frankly, it has been hard to get too concerned about the Wings so far this season because everyone knows what they are capable of on any given night (of course, those heavily involved in fantasy leagues with a lot of Wings on their teams have probably been a bit apoplectic). Nevertheless, even with inconsistent play they are first in their Division and second in the Conference at this point. Nobody has any doubts that the Wings will be in the post season.

But, as we all know, second in the Conference is not good enough. And first in the Division and getting into the playoffs are only short-term goals that serve as milepost markers to the top.

Wings fans have been disappointed in the outcomes (and some of the lackluster play) in the Original Six games this year. However, we have practically everyone who won the Cup back with the team this year. We now have Hossa. We are now starting to ramp up the consistent play and scoring of all the lines. And last night's game shows how the big Red Wings machine can really click when it is focused and running on all cylinders and playing Red Wings hockey.

Now we've seen it. Now we'll expect it for the rest of the season. And most nights, we'll probably get it. It's great to be from Hockeytown!

Let's Go Red Wings!
December 20, 2008 2:15 PM ET | Delete
You guys have one helluva team. As a Canucks' fan, it's always huge when/if we beat you guys...a milestone. I enjoyed this read...(secretly), the Wings are one of my favorite teams. Just not when they're playing us. ;) Good luck...you guys are always one of the teams that raise the bar for others. And your team is full of classy individuals who are experts in the game of hockey. Cheers to a good season.
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