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UFA Predictions

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A look at the top players available and where they might end up.

Mats Sundin: I think this will drag out a couple more weeks. This is really a toss up. Montreal appears to have the inside track but I think Detroit is the better option for Mats who wouldnt have to play a regular season game in Toronto next year. It also wouldnt shock me to see him back in Toronto. Not one bit. My guess...Detroit

Marian Hossa: Boston and Montreal are the two most likely destinations with Boston holding the inside track as they will probably have the biggest contract to shell out. Having Chara on that team doesnt hurt either. Ill guess Boston

Jaromir Jagr: This one's simple. NYR or Russia. Ill say NYR for 2 years.

Brian Campbell: The Rangers desperately need a puck moving Dman and Sather has a history of overpaying free agents like Drury and Gomez. Ill say NYR with an outside chance of Ottawa, NJ and Toronto

Wade Redden: It would be best for him to go to a non-hockey market and I can see Atlanta making a big push but also SJ who tried to get him a few times. Ill say SJ

Mark Streit: This year's McCabe and Souray. A career year will get him a lot of money and hell be in buyout territory down the line. I suspect a desperate team like Columbus or Atlanta.

Cristobal Huet: Washington is the clear favourite here. Ottawa and Colorado will have outside shots.

Sean Avery: I suspect hell say north east and sign in Long Island or Jersey.

Kristian Huselius: Islanders had interest in him and Snow is the type of GM that might jump at his numbers despite his flaws. Should get up to 4mil per season but really is not worth near that.

Markus Naslund: If Pitsburgh loses all its main guys, I think theyll jump at Naslund

Brooks Orpik: Buffalo could really use him and thats my best guess.

As for my Leafs. I dont think they should or will go after expensive players. If they can clear even more space for Summer 09 that would be best. There are some monster names that could be available including Gaborik, Zetterberg, Komisarek, Cole and Cammaleri amongst many others. But back to this year, I think Jason Williams is a nice player to get while his stock his low. He's fast and capable of putting up decent offensive numbers....if he stays healthy. I think a 3 year deal at 2-2.5 a season gets it done. Ladislav Nagy is a guy I'd take a 1 year pass at. Wasnt long ago people had this guy as a 1st line player. I dont think that much of him but he could play on the 2nd line and get 65 points. His value is low and he's still young so its a risk worth taking. 1 year 2 mil? BUt I dont think theyll go after him. They ar emore likely to take a look at Radim Vrbada and I'm ok with that. However, he is also coming off a career year and wouldnt give him more than 3 mil on a short term deal. I also belive CUJO will be back for under 1 mil for one year. Other than that, I dont see much else happening with the Leafs, although this is just pure speculation
June 30, 2008 11:40 PM ET | Delete
Avery to the Devils? That would be like Moore inviting Bertuzzi to Christmas dinner...
July 1, 2008 1:02 AM ET | Delete
disturb... if ya can't beat em, join em! but you may be right... as for the rest of the UFA analysis I think you're probably right CK. Cujo probably jumps on board, but I would think he might want a shot at a cup? Jason Williams would be a great pickup for a good price.
July 1, 2008 8:46 PM ET | Delete
yup you were close lol not!! but good try
July 1, 2008 9:25 PM ET | Delete
Hey, I tried. I did think Streit would go to a desperate team and the Isles certainly fit that category. Thanks for reading guys, Im gonna try and write every day
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