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scarborough, ON • Canada •
All I can say is WOW. Now I've seen everything. Don't assume that I'm one of those bandwagon Leaf fans that are constantly bashing our team but last night was once again a game we should have won, no doubt about it.

Now to all those so-called die hard fans who know everything, was it Raycrofts fault last night? No chance. It was just a streak of horrible and i mean HORRIBLE luck that we've been going through to start this season. Game 1 against the sens was ours and it slipt away. Game 2, late penalty and the sens take game two. Now that I think about it all the games were ours for the taking except for that shalacking by Carolina.

What I'm trying to get at here is our Leafs need to try and impliment a stiff defensive strategy and focus equally on defense as they do on offense. We know and they know that they can score but stopping the other team from scoring is the issue. Take a look at the Wild. Now thats a defensive team. They sit back and wait for the counter attack and boom. They grab a 1 or 2 goal lead and then shut the game down, frustrating the opposition into making mistakes and ultimately hanging on for the win. Seems easy but its not in the new NHL. But it is possible and I think if our boys in blue can learn to shut the game down and be confident in the last 20 minutes of play that they can hold off the opposition then the Leafs are definately a team to be scared of.

Right now the Leafs have the seed of doubt planted in their head and other teams know it. These other teams take advantage of that. Kilger did a great job taking the lead back twice but in the end it was the most cursed NHLer Brian Mccabe who put the puck in his own net. Now Leaf fans calm down and don't go all crazy with posts about trading him and all that. We know he didnt mean to score on his own net. He means good but you got to feel for him. He has the big contract that he's trying to earn and it doesnt help his play when Leaf Nation blames him for everything.

STOP BOOING YOUR TEAM you so called Leaf fans. If they lose then the true fans lose with them. When they go through rough times, Im going through those times with them. I hate these guys who hate the leafs after a couple loses and then once they're in the playoffs and doing well, these bandwagon ***********'s bring out their leaf jerseys and are cheering down the street. Give me a break. Get behind your team. Support them. Don't put them down. Have some faith like I do and good things will happen.
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