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What Comes After

Posted 7:45 PM ET | Comments 0
Its been three days since the Montreal Canadiens got defeated by the New York Rangers in game 6, with all the glaring disappointment this team has had in the playoffs there are some bright spots with this team. Artturi Lehkonen, just 21 years of age and has already shown that he knows how to score goals in this league. Out of all Montreal Canadiens players he was third in goals (Tied with Alex Radulov) and hopefully that can continue moving on to the next season. Charles Hudon being another Canadien with tremandous offensive upside is another player that all Canadiens fans should be excited for, Hudon who had 49 points in 56 games has a great shot and knows how to put the puck in the net. With this all being said it is time we take a step back before we ask for some crazy trades or ask for Marc Bergevein to be fired we will still have the same core as last year (assuming Alex Radulov resigns) that got us too 100+ points in the regular season, we still have the leagues number 1 goalie and we have a player that can put up 30+ goals. We have built something great here in Montreal and just because of a poor performance in the playoffs one year doesn't mean we cannot replicate 1993 once more.
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