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Chris Simon: NHL Bad Boy

Posted 6:25 PM ET | Comments 6
Chris Simon and Jarko Rutu are very common names to those who follow hockey, both are well known for being "tough guys", and who have crossed the line on numerous occasions. Chris Simon has been suspended a total of seven times (assuming he gets suspended for this latest incident) in his 15-year career.

1) 1997 - Chris Simon, while a member of the Washington Capitals was accused of making racial comments to Edmonton Oilers forward Mike Grier. This resulted in 3-game suspension.

2) 2000 - Chris Simon as a member of the Washington Capitals cross checked Peter Popovic across the throat, during a playoff series against the Pittsburg Penguins. Simon was handed a 1-game suspension for his actions.

3) 2001 - Chris Simon as member of the Washington Capitals elbowed Anders Eriksson. This resulted in a 2-game suspension.

4) 2004 - Chris Simon cross checked Ruslan Fedotenko of the Tampa Bay Lighting, after cross checking him, he jumped on him and started punching him. Chris Simon received a 2-game suspension for his actions.

5) 2004 - Chris Simon kneed Dallas Stars defenseman Sergei Zubov. This is resulted in the NHL handing Simon another 2-game suspension.

6) 2007 – Ryan Hollweg of the New York Rangers, hit Chris Simon of the New York Islanders with a check a long the boards, no penalty was assessed on the play, Simon took exception to this and hit Hollweg in the face with his stick. For this the NHL gave Chris Simon a 25-game suspension the longest suspension in NHL history.

7) 2007 – Chris Simon of the New York Islanders, slew foots Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jarko Rutu, and while he was lying on the ice, Simon stomped on his leg. Still awaiting disciplinary action.

Chris Simon is a repeat offender, a 7-time repeat offender at that. The NHL needs to make an example out of Chris Simon and send a message to the entire league, and also to those in minor hockey, that these sort of actions will not under any circumstance be tolerated.

Some may argue that his two handed slash to the face of Ryan Hollweg was a hockey reaction, that is debatable but under no circumstances is a kicking/stomping motion a hockey reaction. When you kick/stomp someone you know exactly what you are doing when you do it. I believe there is intent to injure in this case, and the NHL should suspend Simon for the rest of year, but I would take it a step further then that, I would ban him from the league for life.

Chris Simon has been suspended on 6 previous occasions has had many chances and opportunities to clean up his act, but he hasn’t and the league needs to come down hard on him for that, there is no place in the game for the actions Chris Simon has displayed on the ice over the years.

Some in the last few days have said Chris Simon is “nice guy”, just a bit hot headed. I am sorry to say but being a “nice guy” only takes you so far, and I got news for you being a “nice guy” has taken Chris Simon as far as it can take him. Regardless of “nice guy” or not at some point you still need to step up, be a man and accept responsibility for your actions. Chris Simon has failed to do so on numerous occasions and the league needs to come down hard on him for that.

December 18, 2007 6:28 PM ET | Delete
Jarku Ruutu has NEVER been known as a "tough guy" and has not been known to cross whatever invisible line you're referring to. Jarku is an agitator who speaks to you in "Tikkanese" and laughs at his own private joke while no one around him understands anything he's just said. What exactly was your point in including him with Simon? Did I miss it? How often has Ruutu been suspended...and for what?
December 18, 2007 9:43 PM ET | Delete
simon needs to go enough said on that
December 18, 2007 9:44 PM ET | Delete
a great blog buddy well thought out
December 18, 2007 9:51 PM ET | Delete
To the contrary of what you just said, Simon has always stepped up and accepted responsibility for his actions. He has accepted any diciplinary actions the league has imposed on him throughout his career.The hit by Hollweg to Simon's back was "debatablely" far more dangerous then Simons retaliatory slash. The "hit from behind" was continually ignored by the NHL it seems, until recently when Patrice Bergeron was injured by Randy Jones. Over the past few weeks the NHL has made a conscious effort, to protect its players from the "hit from behind."All that being said, the league should suspend Simon for 25 games.To ban him from the league for life is just silly.
December 19, 2007 10:03 AM ET | Delete
Dont listen to BRAD, hes obviously insane. how can you possibly believe hollwegs hit was more dangerous than Simons slash? "Hitting from behind" happens every single game in the NHL, no question. Now on the other hand, you dont see players tomahawk their sticks around at other players' throats and face everyday. I swear they clone you isle fans.....maybe it would help your attendance. haha
December 20, 2007 1:01 AM ET | Delete
he smacked hollweg in the throat, couldve done serious damage to ryan.
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