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On Alzner...rnrnSo after one of the stupidest free agent signings of all time,we have finally acknowledged reality and put Karl Alzner on waivers. Obviously its the right move, but its disconcerting that the vast majority of the fanbase which I am in contact with knew that this was a brutal move at the time we made it. Regardless, the right move has been made, now if we would only continue on and rid this team of the rest of its dead weight I will be happy as a clam. That means you Schlemko and BennrnrnOn Weber...rnrnShea Weber will be back tonight,and that is news which carries a lot of trickle down positivity. First, the minutes will all scale back and help everyone else on this horrendous d corps manage much better. Second,the PP should enjoy a very helpful option with Weber's omnipresent bomb now returning to the ice. That being said.....everyone who thinks this is going to change things drastically needs to take a big deep breath. Weber is going to help by taking a lot of minutes other guys shouldn't be playing, but he is not going to fill them by doing anything spectacular. His relevance in the NHL was drastically reducing even before we made that idiotic trade, and he isnt going to comeback from major foot and knee surgeries and be a brand new player. His return will certainly help, but make no mistake, our blue line is still a disaster even with him in the lineuprnrnrnOn the forwards...rnrnI called for 2 changes in my last blog....getting KK some better linemates to relieve Danault and Deslauriers having a seat. Neither of those has happened. As much of a better coach Julien is over Therrien, his reliance and stubbornness on the safe game and playing vets is just as bad. Danault just isnt skilled enough to be playing with Gallagher and Tatar, and KK is going to waste playing with guysthat cant receive his passes or convert on the plays he makes. As for Deslauriers, its mind boggling how short a leash guys like Peca and Hudon have while he is apparently a lock. What exactly is he doing to have such an automatic position on this team? He does literally nothing offensively,and the physical side of things is almost a moot point these days in the NHL....and whatever relevance it has, I don't see him making a difference at all there either. rnrnIf the habs get a little more serious about winning, we have some players to win with and we have been in real games with good teams. Keep rooting for our squad to follow the trend of waiving Alzner, the faster we do the faster we will see the turnaround!rn
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This is the what is to happen of taking a deal that you are not worth. When Alzner picked up that pen he should have been thinking "Am I worth this money?" He should understand the risk of being https://www.buyassignmentservice.com/ if he plays poorly. It is on Bergevin that this contract was handed to Alzner. But I don't feel bad for Alzner. If you want to play in the NHL, show you are worth the money or sit down and be quiet.
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