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"Unbiased Observations on the Predators"
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Hamilton Predators?

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So I figured I would put a few words together on the Hamilton Predators fiasco that I woke up hearing on our local new station this morning. Apparently, ticketmaster Canada still has a website page up and running taking down payments for season tickets to the "Hamiton Predators". The link only allows for downpayments for uppper bowl seats at a cost of $500. Lower bowl seats are a $1000 deposit and Suite deposits are a $5000 deposit. But the lower bowl and suite options aren't available on the site. The link is below for anyone who wants to see the absurdity of this.


So as I write this a few things are swirling around in my head. First, and I am not a legal eagle, but something tells me that ticketmaster, by request of Jim Balsillie, is violating trademark/copyright laws by using the Predators name to sell something that doesn't even belong to Balsillie. While it doesn't surprise me that Balsillie did this, it does surprise me that a company like Ticketmaster didn't bother to validate that it could do this. Even bigger as surprise is that this page has been up and running as long as it has. Rumor has it someone actually just sent in another deposit this week. Now I can understand Craig Leipold's position on this. While he could stir up the pot with the threat of legal action, he also doesn't want to alienate a potential buyer if the local group falls apart.

But this begs the question, what if this team is bought by the local group. Wouldn't they stand to be in a very good situation to bring up charges against both Balsillie AND Ticketmaster? Something tells me it won't come to that, but considering the local group will be strapped for cash, the prospect of winning a lawsuit and the cash that comes with it for the organization might be tempting.

As a diehard Preds fan, I am of course biased in many ways. Does Nashville have the hockey mentality to support this team? I think so, it just may not happen overnight and it sure as heck won't appear so during football season. But given a population that is growning, one would think that a percentege of those new Nashvillians will also become Preds fans. How and when this whole ownership mess pans out is anyones guess. I guess all that this Preds fan is asking for is a fair process. One without Jim Balsillie sending back door messages to the Nashville Sports Authority. One without Ticketmaster taking deposits for a team that isn't ready to move.

Well, I need my morning cup of coffee to clear my head. Go Preds
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