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"Unbiased Observations on the Predators"
Nashville, TN • United States • 42 Years Old • Male
So I was up early this morning. Its been 3 days since the Predators have played a hockey game and I am going out of my mind. Of course it doesn't help that we lost an overtime game on Saturday to the Blues and then got outright beat on Monday by the Blues. So I am up early, all of the family who is in from out of town are starting to make noise upstairs and it won't belong before the house is coming alive. But something else was special about this morning. I went outside to get the paper, and my first step out of the door made me realize what a great day for hockey it is. It cold, damp with temps threatening to drop down below freezing tonight. That means good ICE. Or at least better ice.

So as I am writing this my day is already planned out. Turkey goes in the oven at 9:30, the stuffing and potatos will get fired up around 1 o'clock, the veggies, cranberries, and roles soon after that. Of course, at 12:30, my TV will come to life with the Annual Thanksgiving NFL game and the legend himself Brett Farve will step onto the field for what seems like the 100'th time. 4 o'clock everyone sits down at the table and we all give thanks for the wonderful things we have in our life. I, myself, am truly blessed to have the family that I have along with the support of great friends. By 5:30, dinner is served and the kitchen is cleaned up. Now its time to get SERIOUS.

As the last of the kitchen cleanup wraps up, I slip away from the family and retreat up to my room. Its a ritual. I close the door, slip into my closet and glance through my collection of Nashville Predators Sweaters(jerseys), hats, and various merchandise. After picking out the right outfit (tonight is going to be my home sweater complete with all of the signatures from this years team), I resurface downstairs and declare, "Thanksgiving is over with....now its time for 'HOCKEY NIGHT IN NASHVILLE'" I inform everyone that its time to go get bundled up, with one stipulation. NO RED!!!. Thats right, tonight we are playing the Detroit Red Wings. So nobody in my family is going to be let out of my house wearing anything RED. I bought 6 extra ticket in addition to my 2 normal season tickets. For most of my family this is their first hockey game. We are all lined up in a row right behind the nets with a great view of the game. And what better way to introduce first timers then a Thanksgiving night game against the Red Wings. Yes we respect the Wings, but oh do we despise them. We despise them for their effortless passes, the timely goaltending, their grit and passion, and the coaching staff that always seems to have them prepared. With the exception of the playoffs of course. But the Red Wings are the benchmark by which we judge ourselves. We have never won the division and we have never won a playoff series. So we respect them and thier past successes, and prey that this is the year we clear that hurdle and move on to setting new bencharks.

....6:15 we are in the arena...The guys will be appreciating the new Jumbotron with the HD plasma feeds. The good seats and view of the game will also be noticed by the guys. The ladies, well, they will be checking out the good looking hockey players, the food court, and probably the beverage stands.

...6:45 the lights go down, the music comes on and we are "Welcome to Hockey Night In Nashville!" The crowd comes to life, I am ready. The "Lets Go Predators" chant start up...."Red Wings Suck" Follows...And of course "Chelios Is A Baby".

...7:00 The puck drops. What a great night for hockey in Nashville.
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