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When the Flyers signed Shea Weber to an offer sheet they did all they could to try and prevent the Predators from matching the offer with the crazy bonus money. The thinking was Nashville would not be in a position to shell out that kind of money. Well I hope this is the case but why would you take that kind of chance and wait to see if they match? Franchise defenseman of this caliber are rarely available and when you have the chance to pick up the best one in hockey you have to pull out all the stops to get him. Yes, even if it means Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn. Now off course I’d rather not trade them but if it means getting Weber then so be it. I doubt Brayden gets moved since Luke was picked up. It would be unbelievable if a trade could be worked out without including them does Voracek, Meszaros and Bourdon get it done? Why even take the chance the Predators match? Then what? Who do you turn to? Dan Boyle? Keith Yandle? No! they are not what you need. Shea Weber is the complete package he does everything to make you an elite team. Players will want to come and play with him. Shane Doan may very well follow behind Weber.
If the Flyers fail to land Weber it will be the third time this off-season after trying to sign Parise and Suter. If I had it my way I would chose Weber out of the three. You have to applaud the Flyers for going out and trying every year to improve the club. Holmgren did his homework time will tell if it works out. The Weber watch is on. Get it done Homer!
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