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Mind Shift

Posted 12:01 PM ET | Comments 9
It's a boring slog to watch but finally there is a mind shift with the pick ups the Maple Leafs have made. They're notable enough to have me make this blog. They're not flashy or huge and they may not be perfect but the additions of Jimmy Vesey, Joey Anderson, and Travis Boyd is a big shift. I say that because the fact the words "inconsistent" or "needs to shoot more" or "needs work in his own zone" are absent from each one of these players scouting reports available on sports forecaster.

In fact the opposite of those are present. Vesey - "A sound 2 way player", Anderson -"Complements talented forwards with aplomb and owns an excellent shot himself", Boyd - "he plays a rather responsible game in all three zones".

I feel like its a step in the right direction. Jimmy Vesey and Joey Anderson need a consistent role with highly skilled players around them to play at their best. There is a lot to the fact the Vesey and Kerfoot played together in college and elevated each other to win 2 championships.

I think a line of Mikheyev Kerfoot and Vesey would be very dangerous counter attack 3rd line.

Camp will solve issues line up question marks. But in my mind this is how it could look for the leafs. Anderson filling a Hymans roll of getting pucks out of the corners for Tavares and Marner. I also think you can flip Simmonds and Anderson through out the game to give a little more snarl in the top 6.

Hyman Matthews Nylander
Anderson Tavares Marner
Mikheyev Kerfoot Vesey
Boyd Spezza Simmonds

As much as I don't like talking about the Leafs that much, this peeked my interest and I hope it has for you.

Thanks for reading.
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Well with the addition of Joe Thorton everything changes. Maybe he will be used like Andrychuk was just as a 13th forward and put on a line when it needs a boost.
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