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I will update my fantasy top 50 closer to October, so for now I would like to predict the Top 10 scorers in each of the major statistical categories for the season that just seems to be taking forever to arrive. Keep in mind this is just my guess. We all know anything can happen in the NHL and I respect anyone else's opinion on this subject and will accept any criticism anyone has of my lists as well. I just can't wait to watch some hockey, the Prospects tournament has just been a tease. It has been very amusing but 90% of the players included have no chance of making their big club this season and they have lacked chemistry. With that sad, here goes the lists.....

1. Ovechkin 68 (I gotta guess he will improve but surpassing 70 seems like too much)

2. Iginla 55 (I think he will score more often then last year with Cammalleri's presence)

3. Vincent Lecavalier 51(Say what you want, he has lead the league before and some nice talent surrounding him)

4.Henrik Zetterberg 48(No matter how you slice it the Wings are just a team full of scoring)

5. Ilya Kovalchuk 46 (Might end up being 75% of Atlanta's total goals)

6. Olli Jokinen 46 ( Can't wait to see him playing center with Doan and on the PP in Phoenix, I hope he has enough arm strength to take 500 shots this year)

7.Evgeni Malkin 44 ( A slight drop in goals but I think he will have more assists this year)

8.Rick Nash 42 (Umberger?...oh well he can still put up 42)

9. Marian Gaborik 39 (I would have went higher but his surrounding cast, lack of a contract extension and injury liability make it tough)

10.Teemu Selanne, Dany Heatley 38 ( If Teemu plays the whole year he could score more, and Heatley, well, Ottawa makes me nervous)

1. Crosby 88
2.Thornton 87
3. Datsyuk 85
4. Savard 78
5. Backstrom 64
6. H. Sedin 62
7. Lidstrom 60
8.St. Louis 59
9.Gomez, Doan, Ribeiro 58
10.Hemsky 57

1. Crosby 121
2.Ovechkin 117
3. Datsyuk 111
4. Thornton 109
5.Lecavalier 107
6.Iginla 100
7. Malkin 99
8. Zetterberg 97
9. Jokinen 95
10. Alfredsson 93

1. Lidstrom 43
2. Datsyuk 40
3.Alfredsson 37
4. Zetterberg 35
5.Ovechkin 32
6. Crosby 28
7. Heatley 24
8. Rafalski 22
9.Iginla 20
10.Thornton 17

I might be a little bit high on the totals,admittedly.But you can chalk that up as wishful thinking. So there ya have it, thats what I think, what do you think?
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September 19, 2008 12:04 PM ET | Delete
you have to put Getzlaf on that assist category to me. He will only improve on his 52 or so assists from last year.
September 19, 2008 10:24 PM ET | Delete
No Malkin in the top 10 for assists? If no one on this earth were named Ovechkin or Crosby he is the worlds best player.
September 19, 2008 10:27 PM ET | Delete
^^ Getzlaf should be in top ten assists and Malkin in top5. Other than that it all looks good
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