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A few other wierd functions that I see at games of all different types of sports is the two factors that differ so much from just men going to sporting events. They each contribute their own caliber of uniqueness to them which adds to the equation of the great atmosphere (in most cases) that you pay X amount of dollars to go see.

Don't get me wrong, people watching at wrestling events that come to town (I get free tickets, I don't buy my own hehe. I am also not a wrestling guy but I was as a kid and go when they are in town for nestalgic reasons.) is the most fun you can have at any sporting event next to a great game of course. You see people bringing their 2 day old babies in.... Some dirty white wife beater wearing hairy Italian dads bringing his 20 kids and yelling at them the whole time as they take up a complete row in the arena. I get to these events early because the hard nose fans that love wrestling get there early. It is like going to a circus with half of them because they are the most unique bunch you will ever run into. I do respect their ability to love something to an extreme though. It's just like hockey or football fans except it's not completely real like those sports.... obviously!

To go back to yesterday and speaking of how children and women are a unique factor in a sporting event goes without saying probably. Yesterday at that rampage game Bills vs. Atlanta... A guy in a Vick jersey standing outside the bathroom was told by a woman (She was pretty hott too actually) this exact quote and I will not ever forget it. "You're a f****ing scum bag piece of S*** for wearing that." The guy didn't have anything to say back mainly because she was a woman and a lot of guys don't say anything back. The funny thing is and this might sound really chicken S*** of me for saying this, get your woman to say something at events so you don't get kicked out, if that's what you want to do and it gets you so enraged, it won't do anything and you get to say what you want. It's a human puppet for the most part, but it works out in the long run.

The child factor in sporting events is that most people (most not all....) won't start crap with anyone or use obscene gestures or comments to anyone when children are around. Children are a censorship of the drunken 30 year olds that act 15 when they drink still even at their age now. This however didn't hold true as it usually does last night after the first quarter as stated in my first blog about Vick. People were just swearing, screaming "A** Hole!" over and over again.

So pretty much the moral of this story is, bring a girl and a kid with you to a game so you dont' get arrested, get in a fight, and you avoid the idiots and the controversy while all at the same time get to say what you want.

If you really want to micro manage, just bring your daughter, niece, etc.... as long as they're not too old then it becomes ineffective.

Cheers all!
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August 18, 2007 9:22 PM ET | Delete
Nice part 2, BM. As long as I got Tom O'Leary and Jack Johnson I'll throw the fistcuffs! lmao anchorman references never fail! :D
August 18, 2007 9:28 PM ET | Delete
Hehe yes they are one of the best movies to quote! It's wierd what you can actually think about after a night of being at a sporting event though. It's fun.
August 19, 2007 7:47 PM ET | Delete
good job mat
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