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While I boldly predicted that the Stars would take Game 1, I had no idea they would completely dominate the Ducks. From Dallas' first goal until the final buzzer, the game was a lopsided affair...unworthy of the defending champs. I said Dallas would win the opener in OT and take the series in 6 games, but if the Ducks don't right the ship in Game 2...this could be over sooner than that. I don't think we can expect every game to go quite that way (though it would be nice) and I still believe this will be a competitive series. Regardless, it was good to see the Stars win a Game 1. It's been a loooong time.

There were some superb performances by many players...in fact, it was such a well-rounded team effort that you almost don't want to name names. Sure, Turco got the shutout...Ribeiro's line was on fire...Ott dominated whenever he was on the ice...but the entire team kept the tempo and kept Anaheim on their heels for 60 minutes. "Lock it Down" is a stupid motto, but it seems to be working.

If the Stars can take Game 2, it will be mayhem in Dallas for Game 3. They're calling for a 'black out'...so those of you lucky enough to go to the game, dress appropriately.

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Well said my Stars brother...lets keep it going!
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Set up your profile so you can add/receive friends. Can you not go to the games? Send me a message when you get your profile set up.
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