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Stars win Game 1 in OT!

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Wow...what a stressful game to watch. I get the feeling the entire series will be cardiac-driven. Here are a few thoughts:

1) Again, the Stars played a complete team game. While certain players shined more than others in the end, it was a four-line effort.

2) Turco wasn't one of the night's 3 Stars? Take him out of the equation, and Dallas loses this game big time.

3) Morrow, Ribeiro, and Robidas were magic again. These three guys have stepped up to a new level for the playoffs...particularly Robidas. Also, one of the big knocks against Ribeiro in Montreal was that he disappeared when the playoffs rolled around. Not so in Dallas.

4) I don't know who to direct this frustration at (though I'm guessing Tippett) but if the Stars try to play prevent defense against this team, especially with over 10 minutes left in the game, they will not win this series. They were lucky to win the game with that mindset. When you hear people say the Stars "stole" game one, that's the reason. They almost gave it away. I'm not concerned about the difference in shots on goal (as long as some of ours are going in) but they can't revert to the conservative play that the Stars somehow got away from in the first round. Attack until you get the lead. And then attack some more.

5) The Sharks played a great game, too...this series will be much more fun to watch than round one.

Go Stars!
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April 26, 2008 12:36 PM ET | Delete
The STARS did get away with the prevent defense, no doubt ... and I guess that could be considered a "steal" or "lucky win." But the difference so far this year is the STARS are putting the puck in the net and Turco is keeping it out! Yes, we have to play 60 full minutes and always attack ... but this team can find other ways to win if necessary. Much different than past STARS' teams which is why I am so much more confident this time around!
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