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Yesterday Sami Salo injured his wrist on an innocent looking play. Today it was confirmed by an MRI that he has a hairline fracture in his left wrist and is out indefinitly. Salo was injured during the intra-squad game along with Roberto Luongo and Trevor Linden. Luongo and Linden's injuries were minor in nature.

Who now will step up and fill the void left by Salo? Edler or Bourdon?

Alexander Edler played 22 games last year with the Canucks putting up (1-2-3). He also filled in for Kevin Bieksa and played 3 playoff games without scoring. Edler came into this years camp weighing in a 30lbs heavier than last year(190lbs). He has a lot of offensive upside and a very large frame standing in at 6'3.

Luc Bourdon played 9 games at the start of the regular season last year before being sent back to his junior team. Bourdon than went on to win another gold medal at the World Junior Championships. His development hasn't been great over the past couple of years, but if given the chance he will become a number 1 or 2 defenceman.
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September 17, 2007 7:19 PM ET | Delete
No contest. Edler will fill in for Salo. Bourdon has ways to go in the hockey sense department before he's ready for full-time duty in the NHL. He COULD be a number 1 or 2 defenseman down the road, but that's the best case scenario and shouldn't be expected if you're a realistic fan. From everything I've heard at camp pertaining to Edler vs Bourdon, Edler is far and away the best candidate at this time. Also, don't rule out Nonis acquiring a depth defenseman before the season starts.
September 17, 2007 8:03 PM ET | Delete
gotta agree with edler. impressive from the beginning, but its still training camp and preseason....
September 17, 2007 9:13 PM ET | Delete
A realistic dream for me is that he becomes a number 4 defenceman
September 18, 2007 10:22 AM ET | Delete
Edler, and this underlines why Nonis is NOT shopping our D for another forward. Injuries happen and they'd be stupid to trade their position of depth at this point. Salo, Mitchell and Miller are all known for being injured regularly, so it's good to have Edler and Bourdon as emergency call ups.
September 18, 2007 6:48 PM ET | Delete
It's Edler. But to me it still makes sense to shop a D for a scoring forward. If its just a depth guy to fill in for injuries, one can be found easily.
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