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Twas the night before my short vacation to Los Angles and the second day of this new year. So I've decided to come up with a list of New Years Resolutions I believe our New York Islanders should have for the year 2008. If you have more ideas than what I came up with.. please leave a comment on this blog or drop me an email at [email][email protected][/email]

1. STAY HEALTHY - The Isles seem to have been bitten pretty hard by the injury bug as of late. They need to take whatever possible precautions necessary to prevent any injuries. Love the move by Teddy to sit Silly out, so he can get some rest and heal from any bumps and bruises he had. I also must say, all much as of Dubie fan and think he's one of the best clutch backups in the league, I would feel much more conformable with DP between the pipes for the blue and orange.

2. KEEP WORKING ON THE POWERPLAY - Yes the Islanders did have a powerplay explosion in Carolina on New Years Eve putting up three big goals relatively early in all three of the powerplays, but we must take into account that The 'Canes penalty kill is dead last in the league. We need to not look for the perfect play, but simply work it around enough to open up a little lane for MAB to unleash the cannon he calls a shot. Also we need people like Hunter and Silly to keep doing what they're doing and by that I mean standing right in the goalie's face giving them little chance to see the blast. Also guys lets remember we were on the PP we should be the ones scoring! Most shorthanded goals let through in the league is just embarrassing.

3. ACQUIRE A TOP SIX FORWARD - Plain and simple. I don't care who it is or when it happens just make it happen before 2008 is over. It's one of our missing pieces from being a serious contender in the league.

4.LET KO PLAY FOR THE BIG CLUB PLEASE - Nothing will speed up his developing process more than letting him play for the big club. He's a point a game type player and proving to be that in the world jr. championships. In three games he's put up three points and from what I have heard all those points were generated from hard work along the boards. Kind of sounds like he would fit perfectly in the system don't you think. I also believe he brings more to our lineup then a Tim Jackman or a Ben Walter.

Alright, its time for me to get to packing for my trip tomorrow. I'll be seeing Universal Studios and attending the Kings Flames game on Saturday night. Will try to blog about the Isles games against the Panthers and Avs via my Iphone over the weekend. I'll try and give you an insight of what I thought of the games by just looking at the box scores. Until then Lets go Islanders!
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