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"Lord Stanley's Cup - The Greatest of All Trophies"
Another broke and in debt Municipality, CA • United States • 45 Years Old • Male
I am making a trip to Ottawa for the annual Bell Cup youth hockey tournament for my son during the holiday and then we are off to the HHOF in Toronto. While we are there, I would love to take my 10 yr old to ACC to watch the Leafs play the Lightening on Jan 1. What a great experience it would be for the both of us. As you in Toronto know, finding a ticket to a Leafs game can be a real challenge unless someone in your family tree has been a long time ticket holder. I have bid on tickets unsuccessfully for some time now and I am in the desperate mode. I am willing to pay for tickets or trade Ducks tickets for those who may want to come south for better weather and see a Ducks game. A lead on tickets or any advice to find some are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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