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State of the Bruins

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Ever since the 04-05 lockout, the Boston Bruins have been heading down a downward spiral that does not appear to be changing direction in the near future. We all know about the blatant mistakes of former GM Mike O'Connell, but since his departure it has become clear to me why this team cannot turn itself around. They will not sacrifice anything to rebuild. You can blame it on the owner or you can blame it on the immense pressure of the Boston sports market to win, but it is the truth. I have had faith in GM Peter Chiarelli throughout his head-scratching moves, but I have given up on him ever since the trade he made to aquire goalie Manny Fernandez, giving up top forward prospect Petr Kalus. Sure, we needed a goalie this season in order to compete, but either way, the team is not good enough to contend for a championship yet, so why acquire a 32-year-old goalie when we will have top prospect Tuuka Rask awaiting in the minor leagues this year? And why trade our top winger prospect when we don't really have an abundance of wingers? The answer, of course, is the importance for the Bruins to win right now. Until they sit back and try to rebuild for at least one season without trading away prospects and young assets, the Bruins will always have trouble in building a contending team.
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July 13, 2007 11:35 AM ET | Delete
The Bruins have been my second favorite team since I was a kid because my father cheered for Montreal. Basically, the Bruins are hosed for at least two more seasons. They need to stop rotating goalies and actually have a plan. They can't seem to decide whether to get prospects to rebuild or to try and buy a better team and so they stay in limbo.
July 13, 2007 12:00 PM ET | Delete
Good blog. They need to understand that rebuilding is long and difficult, but it makes you a much more competetive team.
July 13, 2007 1:20 PM ET | Delete
Such is the curse of Don Cherry. You never should have fired him years ago....
July 13, 2007 5:00 PM ET | Delete
good post.It also doesn't help that you are in a very competitive division with Ottawa, Buffalo, Montreal and Toronto.
July 13, 2007 5:51 PM ET | Delete
Kalus was definatly a very talented prospect but we ae so deep in talented foward prospects that it's not a horrible loss, look at the young guys we got at foward; David Kejci, Milan Lucic, T.J. Trevelyan, Vladimir Sobotka, Zach Hamill, Martins Karsums, Mikko Lehtonen, Wacey Rabbit, etc. Now as long as we don't trade away the rest of these guys, we will be in good shape in a couple years. Tough to see Kalus go but you have to give something to get something. I read they wanted 3 other prospects before the asked for Kalus so obviously The Bruins and The Wild both didn't think the highest of him compared to some others.
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