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"Ryman in SJ"
San Jose, CA • United States • 37 Years Old • Male
Leppardx ryan_dl
Watching the game on my iphone via slingbox last night with my friend who is a die hard Avs fan was an interesting experience. We see a small black thing on the screen in the net...but wait its just a spec of dust.

Finally looked like the Sharks were starting to get things going. To me Mitchell's line was great, they were all over the place and giving the Avs a hard time.

I'm glad they had a close up replay of Nittys save the puck rolling accross the shoulders, when that happened I felt pretty confident the Sharks were going to win this game.

I hope this is the start of a trend as the previous few games looked so bad I was ready to puke watching the lack luster perfomances.

How do you think the goal tending situation will be handled? Even rotation? Play the hot hand? rotate till someone earns the #1 spot?
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